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The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is the government department that regulates food businesses. In June 2018 the FSA Board will consider changing the regulations controlling raw drinking milk production.

The FSA refer to unpasteurised drinking milk as Raw Drinking Milk (RDM). This is the term used in the survey.

Your contribution will help raw milk producers provide the FSA Board with a clear picture of their customers who choose to buy raw milk.

 1. In which Region or Country do you live?

Please select one

 2. In which age range do you fall?
 Under 25
 26 to 40
 41 to 60
 Over 61

 3. Do you have children?
  Yes No
 4. If Yes to question 3, do they also drink raw milk?
  Yes No

The Food Standards Agency has issued a warning about drinking raw milk that says: This milk has not been heat treated and may therefore contain organisms harmful to health

 5. Are you aware that drinking raw milk might be harmful to your health?
  Yes No
 6. Have you any comments on question 5?

 7. Are you aware that all producers of raw milk must be licensed by the Food Standards Agency before they can sell raw milk?
  Yes No
 8. If you answered yes to question 7: Do you know where to find the list of licensed producers
  Yes No
 9. How do you use the raw milk that you buy?

You can select more than one

I like drinking raw milk Making smoothies
I use it to make other products (kefir, yoghurt, butter, cheese etc.) Pouring over cereals
I use it in beverages (tea, coffee etc.)

 10. Do you have other uses for raw milk? If so please state

 11. How do you usually purchase your raw milk
 12. Do you purchase in other ways? If so please state

 13. How often do you buy raw milk?

 14. On average how much do you buy each time?
 1 litre
 2 litres
 3 - 5 litres
 5 litres or more

 15. What other raw milk products do you buy?

You can select more than one

Flavoured milk (chocolate, strawberry etc.) Raw milk smoothies
Raw cream Raw butter
Raw cheese None

 16. Do you buy other products not listed in question 15? If so, please state.

 17. Do you buy raw milk products produced by any of these animals?

You can select more than one

Sheep Goat
Buffalo None

Drinking raw (unpasteurised) milk is becoming more popular. To help us understand why this is happening any additional comments you would like to make would be useful

 18. Additional comments

Thank you for filling in our survey.

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